Seven Breweries You Need to Visit in Charlotte, NC

Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the massive brewery scene in the Queen City. Take a look at some of my go-to spots:

Wooden Robot Brewery

Also known as a “gastropub,” the atmosphere really sells this brewery for me. It has a great indoor area and outdoor patio (pup friendly) with bars in each, giving you plenty of area to hang out with friends. They do serve food in-house, which is a bonus for most breweries. Great beer selection, from coffee ales to DIPAs. My personal favorites are they Fruity by Nature and Robotico.

Sycamore Brewing

I love this brewery! It is a very convenient 5 minute drive from my office (hello happy hour!) and has a steadily rotating selection of beer and some wine. They have a small indoor space, but the outside is where the fun is. During the warm months, Food Truck Fridays happen every week with a variety of food trucks, plus live music and dogs EVERYWHERE. Hint: try the Beermosas and Prosecco Pops before you leave.

Brewers at 4001 Yancey

This is a new brewery in Charlotte and it’s gotten very popular, very fast. It’s a mix of two breweries from the Northeast US (Victory Brewing and Southern Tier Brewing) withs 40+ beer on tap. They offer great pre-built flights, or you can make your own. The food is so-so from what I’ve tried, but the atmosphere makes up for it. The indoor space is huge with lots of seating, and there is a front patio and a back patio with more seating. Majority of their beers are over 6% ABV, so be careful!

Triple C Brewing

Triple C has a cozier vibe than a big brewery like Sycamore, which I love. The outdoor area has picnic tables to sit at and water bowls for your pup to have their own drink. They have a pretty steady beer menu with a few rotating drinks, and I still haven’t had one I don’t like. My go-to is 3C IPA but a lot of people go for their DIPA called The Babymaker. Something else I love is they have a mini pretzel dispenser inside! Pretzels have always been my beer-drinking snack of choice, so that made me very happy to see. The vibe is very laid back, but still very fun. It’s a great place for first dates for all you single-tons!

(c) Triple C Brewing Company

Birdsong Brewing

Birdsong is a smaller brewery compared to the others I’ve mentioned so far, but don’t let that deter you from visiting. Live music during the week, free peanuts, and good beer make up for the smaller location. Dog are allowed inside (yippee!) and you can find some of their most popular beers at restaurants around town. My personal favorite is the Paradise City session IPA.

Sugar Creek Brewing

Sugar Creek has one of my all-time favorite Charlotte craft beers – the Sugar Creek Pale Ale. It’s light but has enough oomph to know it’s a craft beer. They have a sort of whimsical decor inside and a lot of tasty Belgian beers to choose from. They also do trivia on Tuesdays! It’s on a strip of other breweries and bars, so it’s in a pretty easy location to hop from one to another. Low key atmosphere makes it easy to hang out with your friends here and still hear them talk.

Pilot Brewing

Who doesn’t love games while they sip on delicious beer? This brewery has a ton of beers to choose from, too, and it’s always rotating. Majority of them are ales of some sort, so not a ton of variety. I usually only drink IPAS and Pale Ales, so it’s not a huge deal to me, but to some people this could be a big downside. The brewery itself has a relaxed low-key vibe and snacks available, like cheese plates and kettle corn! It’s tucked off the main road, which is can be nice to be away from the hustle and bustle. I always tell people to try this place before checking it off their list.

xoxo emily

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