Bangs: The Hairstyle I Never Thought I’d Like, but Totally Love

Alright, ladies. When you hear someone say, “I really want to get bangs!” what is the first thing to cross your mind? A mental image of myself at six-years-old with atrociously chopped straight-across bangs had kept me from jumping on this newly resurfaced hairstyle. I always admired the trend on other women, but never believed I could pull it off.

Laying in bed this morning, I scrolled through Pinterest on my phone (typical wake-up ritual) and stumbled upon a photo of a gorgeous girl with perfectly coifed wispy bangs. Right then and there, I decided I was going to take the plunge.

Today was the day to get bangs.

I called my usual salon and made sure they had a stylist who was comfortable with cutting bangs on bang-virgin hair. The receptionist reassured me multiple times and booked my appointment for during my lunch hour. As soon as I arrived, Jess sat me down and gave me ‘the talk’. “Are you absolutely positive you want to do this? There’s no going back once I start cutting!” But I knew it was the right time, and so it began!

Before I knew it, I was looking in the mirror at a completely new person. I barely recognized myself! I am ECSTATIC at how it turned out. Jess is seriously the most bomb hair dresser ever. If you are in the Charlotte area, you MUST go see her at Therapy Hair Salon in Dilworth. Best money you’ll ever spend. I’ve never been happier with a hair cut than I was today.

If there is anything I learned today, it’s this:

1) find a good hair dresser
2) trust said hairdresser
3) and don’t be afraid to try something new!

If you’ve recently changed up your hairdo, I’d love to see it in the comments! Happy styling!

emily with bangs
(Poor excuse of an iPhone snapshot to show off my new do.)

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