10 Totally Awesome Gift Ideas Your Co-Workers Will Love

When you work in an office, you are bound to give a gift to a co-worker at some point — holiday parties, birthdays, welcome/goodbye gifts, or just because you’re feeling extra giving. Don’t know what to get a co-worker? I did the leg work for you and curated a list of ten gift ideas your office peeps are sure to love:

Desk Plants

Nobody wants a bland and boring desk space. Give your co-worker a small desk plant in a cute planter to liven up their work space. It can be fake or real, just remember to have them water it if you buy a live one!

Computer Accessories

Keeping up with the fun work space theme, grab your work-buddy a fun mouse pad or a wrist rest for their keyboard. They’re practical and they come in all kinds of designs (my work bestie has a Michael Scott mouse pad and it’s amazing).

Job Title Swag

Let your co-worker show off their job title in a creative way with some kind of signage for their work space! This developer street sign is super cool and comes in a variety of job titles, or grab this boss definition sign for your manager/boss!

Pet Gifts

Every office has a designated CPO (Chief Pet Officer). These employees are extra fun to buy gifts for because you can find personalized pet swag like this custom pet phone case or go with someone more general but still personal, like a pet candle to keep their home smelling nice (or maybe for their office space, if your job allows dogs).

Stress Relief

Let’s be real for a second– jobs can be ARE stressful. There are multiple times a day I need to close my eyes and take some deep breaths to rein myself in. Whether you have an irritating client, an annoying co-worker, you made a mistake, or any one of the slew of possibilities, all employees need some form of stress relief. Enter the Dammit Doll! This thing is hilarious and genius. Just grab it and get that anger out!

Desk Hammock

Sitting at a desk, especially with long legs, is not exactly my definition of “fun”. Grab a desk hammock and kick your feet up while you work. I’m 100% buying myself one of these ASAP. If we’re going to be stuck at a desk all day, we deserve some relaxation during those long hours!

Cute Mug

Mugs are a must-have at the office. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love having a cute mug on my desk to keep all my pens and markers in. No matter how your co-worker uses it, it’s easy and inexpensive but still thoughtful!


Funny notepads give me joy while I’m working. I have to write something down and I see something that gives me a little laugh or smile. This set of This is Fine Notepads is work related and definitely makes me giggle. I guess you would count these as more of a gag gift. You can also find non-humor notepads and keep it more low-key, but where’s the fun in that?

Keep it Cozy

Is it just me, or does EVERY office blast the air conditioning so cold it feels like the tundra? I have a blanket and a space heater that I use during the winter (and sometimes other seasons… #WomensWinter) and they have been life savers. The next thing I’m going to be bringing in is a pair of office slippers. Buy your co-worker a pair or surprise them with a snuggie for their desk because they have no idea what they’re missing out on.

Pretty Pens

Taking notes during meetings is so much more fun when you have colorful pens to write with. I started being better with using my planner solely because I write with pretty marker pens now! (Just make sure whatever notebook or planner you are using has thick enough paper so the ink won’t bleed through.)

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