What’s Your Love Language?

How do you show your loved ones that you care about them? Most people can identify with one of the five love languages found in the popular book by Gary Chapman. Some people prefer physical touch over receiving gifts, or maybe you would rather spend quality time together.

I took the Love Language quiz and wasn’t too surprised by my results:

Acts of Service – 10
Quality Time – 8
Words of Affirmation – 6
Receiving Gifts – 5
Physical Touch – 1

I pondered my rankings and related them to my relationship with my long-term boyfriend. Our Love Languages have definitely proven to be difficult in our relationship at times. I prefer my space and am not a touchy person whatsoever. I am not a cuddler and prefer not to show too much affection in public. He, on the other hand, is a 8 in Physical Touch. He loves to spend time close on the couch or always wants to hold my hand.

I have to be conscious of when he needs more from me and he has to stay aware of when to hold back. Thankfully, we’re pretty similar in the other languages which helps keep our relationship steady when the differences threaten to push us over the edge. We have high numbers in the Acts of Service language, it’s both of our top languages. In a nutshell, we both appreciate when the other helps with something. For example, I can get extremely overwhelmed with my “adult duties” like cleaning, cooking, etc. He loves to help me because he knows it eases my mind in the end of the day. For him, he is remodeling his house right now so I try to go over and help whenever I can. Even if I do minimal work while I’m there (I’m far from useful with home repair), he really appreciates my overall effort.

How will your love language affect your relationship?

If your S.O. takes the test and has drastically different results than you, don’t panic thinking your relationship is destined to fail. It will probably be more difficult for both of you, but you just need to stay aware of each other’s numbers and communicate! If they are high in Receiving Gifts, try to pick up a little something for them during your day. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive or crazy, even a card or a box of candy will show them you were thinking about them. If you prefer Words of Affirmation, let your S.O. know that you enjoy reassurance of how much they care every once in awhile.

Take the quiz to learn more about what your Love Language is, what each language means, and what you expect out of your S.O. based on your results. It’s super fascinating and has really helped shape my relationship for the better!

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