My 2019 Doggie Must-Haves

If there is one phrase that people describe me with, it would be “animal obsessed“. I own a dog (Revel), two cats (Zoey and Nugget), and a horse (Piper) and I make sure everybody knows it. Just look at my instagram account. Or my dog’s instagram account. Or my horse’s instagram account. (Soon to come, a cat instagram account.)

Like most pet owners, I have certain companies or items that I like to use for my furbabies.

  • — if you haven’t used this company yet, you need to ASAP. I jumped on the Chewy train last year and will never turn back. I was out of town, my boyfriend was watching my animals, and I was almost out of both cat AND dog food (terrible pet owner, I know). I went on to Chewy and found both of the brands I use, ordered them while in Arizona for a family visit, and had them delivered in 48 hours to my front steps in Charlotte, NC. I can auto-ship the food bags so I’ll never run out of pet food again.
  • Bones and other natural chews — I work full time and leave me animals in my townhouse during the day. I try to come home on my lunch break, but sometimes time doesn’t allow it. Revel is an Australian Shepherd with a very active mind and he gets bored VERY easily. (Chasing the cats is only fun for so long.) Kongs are messy and a pain to refill, rawhide bones are a huge NO because of how dangerous they are for your dog, and he doesn’t play with toys unless he plays tug-of-war. I discovered natural chews, such as bully sticks and hooves, and they have become a necessity to keep him occupied while I’m away! A natural chewy company I love is Redbarn (psst…you can buy their products on Chewy!).
  • RexSpecs — Revel has a retina condition that has made him go essentially day-blind. In a nutshell, the cones in his eyes are degenerating and he can’t process light. While he has adapted really well to the condition, on especially bright days I have a pair of these awesome dog goggles for him to wear. Mine have mirrored lenses to help block out the UV rays and protect his eyes. You can choose from a variety of Specs colors and either clear, shadowed, or mirrored lenses. I’ve seen a lot of people use them for dogs who go hiking with them, are out in the snow, or are in open cars such as jeeps. They protect from UV rays but also from objects getting into your dog’s eyes. If your dog has an eye condition or is an outdoor adventurer, I highly recommend getting a pair of these.
  • Thundershirt — you’d think that a 75lb dog wouldn’t be afraid of a little thunder, but low and behold mine is. Terrified, actually. He shakes, whines, and tries to climb into my lap (remember, 75lb dog haha) any time a storm hits. And during North Carolina summers, it’s at least one a week. As soon as I put his Thundershirt on him, he is calm and can finally relax until the storm passes. Now if only I could find one large enough to fit around my horse…
  • Waterless Shampoo — I take my dog with me to the barn when I ride every weekend, which means that he has access to mud, manure, other dogs, horses, cows, etc. Needless to say, he brings the barn smell with him when we leave. This dog absolutely resents water, so regular baths are a no-go. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this waterless dog shampoo and it has been a game changer! I keep Revel’s fur trimmed shorter than a normal Australian Shepherd, so I just pump this dry shampoo into my hands and rub it over the entirety of his body. I’m not sure how it would work on really long haired dogs, but for in between grooms it has been clutch to keep in my truck.

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